Sunday, May 15, 2016


Grilled octopus with giant capers, cherry tomatosAfter dinner entertainment. Tambourine, guitar, mandolin, Lisa on the shakers.

Last day in Positano

 Starting the day with Espresso martinis. On our way to dinner "up the mountain".

Saturday, May 14, 2016


 Spaghetti Frittata for lunch today. Stuffed with cheese and ham.

Misc photos ride back to Positano

     No dinner is complete until the trip to the kitchen. Fresh pasta laid out. Antonio on the right was our driver and waiter. Kind of Uber/dinner combo. Every kitchen has one of these! Waiting for the bus

Friday, May 13, 2016

Positano day2

We got up, had two cappuccinos, and ran down 692 steps to catch the ferry to Isle of Capri. No dice. Water too rough. This is good news since I have the barfing gene. My Dad missed 21 straight meals on the troop ship in WWII. On return home, he started barfing 15 miles inland from the harbor in anticipation. And he was a war toughened vet by then. to Pompeii. We stopped at tourist bureau for the down low. Bus leaves in 10 min from Sponda at 9:30. We race halfway back up the mountain and arrive at bus stop. Talk to Australian couple who are headed home. We talk for an hour. Where is bus. We get on and head to Amalfi/Pompeii.
  We got on the bus from hell. Look at all the squiggly lines from Positano to Amalfi. 20 miles took about two hours. Then look at squiggly lines going north from Amalfi. Spectacular coastal and mountain sights. 15€ each for round trip ride of about 5 hours. Only 4 of us on the return. There is no logic in Italy. It just is. Steep drop offs. Got nothing on Pacific Coast Highway in Big Sur. Driver got ovation several times getting through sticky spots. Scooters coming the other way in our lane gave me a headache. No room for error! Always time for makeup­čśÄ Small boy at Pompeii. Workers were excavating almost 2000 years later and observed bones through a small hole. They poured plaster of Paris into hole and then could excavate the form. Man with a burro. (Burro not present) must of happened fast enough so they could not escape, but not so fast they didn't realize what was happening. Lisa's finest hour.  Can't show you next photo. There was a commotion and I had to go to "check in" and bail out the poor girl.

Thursday, May 12, 2016


 As you walk up and down the zillion steps from your hotel to the town and beach areas, you catch little view slots like this one. Lisa with her fav white mandevilla.    Cap'n Bob taking Lisa for a spin on the Amalfi Coastline off Positano.
Positano- lots of steps, pizza, wine. Going out tonight to La Tagliata. When you make a Rez you tell them where you live and they pick you up and drop you off. Car rentals not practical in this town and buses unpredictable. Isle of Capri tomorrow if weather holds. Maybe a cooking class.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Extra day in Paree, then Italy

 Lisa wanted this for some reason. Le BallSack restaurant. For Marla! Arc De Triomphe....Champs De Elysse  Cartier. We bought a few baubles. A bottle of Lisa's fav, Sancerre. At Fouquet's. After spending the extra day in Paris due to late plane from PHL and missed connection we finally get to Naples. Driver for winding roads to Positano. The drivers got into a conversation that was typically Italian and I felt as if I understood Al Chinese better in that moment than if we has been friends for twenty years.  For Walt! Wood fired pizza oven on wheels. Like a backyard BBQ. Kids are the same around the world. Let's hang and look at our phones together.